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For the last quarter century I have spent much of my time shooting guns. I spent my early days pushing a small .22-rimfire rifle as far as one could push it. I regularly pushed the little gun out to well over 200 yards, shooting everything from bottles and cans to crows and starlings. I believed then that I could out shoot my rifle on almost any given day. Well, times have changed, some for the better and some for the worse.

I must say for the better as far as rifles go. I know now that the accuracy of today's rifles pushes ME to the limit on any given day. The new technology of today's bench rest guns is nothing short of phenomenal. With the right bullet and a well-developed load, pinpoint accuracy can be fairly easily achieved. That puts the pressure on you, which is where every good shooter wants it.

In my ongoing search for the most accurate bullet, I was finally able to try the legendary Berger Bullet. I was so pleased with its performance I decided to begin this venture, Extreme Accuracy, as other shooters' source for Berger Bullets. I hope you share my passion for the sport of shooting and all it has to offer, and I hope Extreme Accuracy can be of service to get you on the mark.

I wish you all the best on your next shooting experience, whether you're shooting a record ram in the Rockies or putting small holes in paper. Please take the time to thank the person that first introduced you to the sport. I would like to thank my dad for taking the time and having the patience to teach me how to shoot. I hope everyone out there introduces someone new to the sport so the tradition of fine marksmanship and safe gun operation will continue into the future.

Carl Chapman

Extreme Accuracy