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Match Bullets - Anything but Standard!

Berger Bullets only makes match grade bullets. While we refer to our flat base, hollow point bullets as "standard or regular," this terminology may be somewhat misleading. Our flat base, point bullet design is the most consistently accurate on the market for short to medium range shooting. They are primarily for target use but are also effective for larger varmints.

High BC FB Bullets

High BC FB bullets are flat based with an extra long nose. They make excellent varmint bullets for high wind conditions at medium to longer ranges. The long nose results in a higher ballistic coefficient. For best results, the High BC FB bullet should be touching the rifling when loaded. Due to their extreme length, High BC FB bullets don't work well in most magazines.

Boat Tail Bullets

BT bullets are the perfect answer for those longer shots. Compared to a flat base, the boat tail reduces drag. This allows BT bullets to achieve higher ballistic coefficiency so they will be less affected by wind conditions. And, BT bullets also shoot flatter than flat base bullets.

Match Varmint Bullets

Match Varmint bullets are designed for the varmint hunter. The larger opening in the nose opens instantly to create the highest possible opportunity for a one-shot kill. With match grade accuracy, you'll have little trouble putting this bullet right where you want it.

Very Low Drag Bullets

VLD bullets feature our supreme long range design. With both an extra long nose and a boat tail, these bullets have the highest possible ballistic coefficient. They shoot flatter and are less affected by wind conditions than any other bullet of similar weight. You don't need super-high velocity for flat trajectories with VLD bullets. The design allows the bullet to shoot flatter at any velocity. For best results, the bullet should be touching the rifling when loaded. It is recommended for 300 yards or more and will not work in most magazines.

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